Travel Loving Moms Podcast
Moms share their travel advice, tips and stories to inspire you to travel with your family.

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I loved having the opportunity to work with Penny on this Podcast! She is such a caring and kind individual and made the whole process a lot of fun! J @jewelsfamilytravel

Hi Penny, Thank you so much for having me as your guest. It was an honor. Even though I was so nervous I had a very good time. You really helped things flow and I absolutely loved talking with you about everything. Can't wait to hear more stories of other travel loving moms. Jessica @thewalkingmermaidblog

Thanks for having me, Penny! I really enjoyed sharing our story and hope I'm able to inspire others to live this lifestyle! Jessica @boundlessbakers

Penny is such a great host! She made me feel very comfortable and asked great questions. Her passion for travel and curiosity make her the perfect tribe leader for traveling moms! @adventuresofjonahandjude

Thank you for having me as a guest Penny! You were so welcoming and easy to talk to, I completely forgot to be nervous! As a newcomer to Instagram, I have found it tough to gain followers. It’s so great that you’re helping us like-minded Mums to share our stories! @safarichildren

I had so much fun working with Penny!  The tech side of things was seamless and the interview was really enjoyable. I loved collaborating with her! @simple_tender_joyful

I want to thank Penny for having me as a guest on her podcast.  I had a great time doing the show.  Thanks also for sending me the info on how to sign up, and get ready for the show.  It was super easy to connect and record which made me feel comfortable.  Thanks again for all the work you've put into this podcast, it's a lot of fun to listen to. @in.the.olive.groves

It was so lovely chatting with you. Thank you so much for having me on your Podcast. I look forward to hearing all your other shows with people who have the same love I do for traveling with their kids. We can all learn so much from each other. Thanks again and until next time! @pishposhtravelwithkids

Thanks for having me on your show, Penny. It was amazing, and I had an absolute blast! You were a great host, had wonderful questions and insights, and I'd jump for an opportunity to do it again. If anyone out there is even just thinking that traveling full time sounds interesting, you need to listen to this podcast. You get to hear real stories from real moms who are living the life right now. @everyonelovesthefloyds

Thank you Penny for having our family featured on your podcast! I truly enjoyed conversing with you, and I hope we cross paths in the near future! @macias_on_the_map

I had such a lovely time speaking with you for our interview! You have great interviewing skills, and can easily put your guests at ease. I look forward to continuing to listening to your future podcasts. @shaunadinsart

Boy was I nervous about this interview!  Thanks so much for making me feel comfortable and allowing us to share our story and how we do things.  I hope it inspires others to live life a bit differently. "Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone" Happy Travels @unrootme

I highly enjoyed my experience as a guest on the Travel Loving Moms podcast. Penny did a nice job making me feel comfortable and she asked really good questions to guide our conversation so that people would feel inspired and ready to travel with their families. When the podcast came out, the experience of listening to it with my son in my arms and my husband next to us was pure magic. My son's reaction made everything worth it, but even better, we all loved the outcome! Thanks for featuring our family on your podcast Penny. It is a special memory we will have for the rest of our lives. :) @thetravelnursefamily




About Me

Hello my name is Penny and I am the host of Travel Loving Moms podcast. A little about me, I'm a single mom to an 9 year old girl named Willow, who you'll hear about from time to time. I'm born and raised in Alabama. I am a southern girl who likes sweet tea, working out, raising my daughter and just being a mom.   I do say Y'all, I'm a Christian and I'm obsessed with the traveling/nomadic lifestyle. I still work a full time job while building this podcast/business and starting my journey to travel full time with my daughter in a van, then do some world traveling. Out of my obsession for travel came this podcast. My desire is to talk to moms who travel with their kids, from all walks of life and all different travel styles to learn how they do it and share it with other moms who desire to do the same thing but have fears.

On this site I share some of my favorite resources, books and sites that I believe will come in handy.

I am so very much looking forward to getting to know each of my guest on the podcast and letting them share their journey with others.

If you are interested in being a guest with me on the podcast, you can fill out the Be A Guest form.

Until next time, May Your Family be Blessed and Your Travels Be Awesome!


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